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Avoid mistakes.  Learn from the pros.  Take advantage of the tips and tricks for both show and pet trim tutorials.  Learn how to look after your tools.  Learn how to look after yourself and your team.  

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Things change all the time.  Our business information videos, podcasts, blogs, and live streams will keep you up to date saving you precious time whilst removing a significant headache.

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Don't get isolated.  Community is so important.  Our memberships come with online Groomer Nation community access so you can ask, share, learn and engage with like-minded people.

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Relax into our industry chats and stay current on topics from industry experts in our vlog, blogs, and podcast series.  We seek out the hard-to-get experts and make them available to you.

FACT: Grooming as a profession is overrepresented in career burnout and turnover statistics.  We strongly believe access to great resources and great community will nurture a long and rewarding career in Pet Grooming.

Evolving Pet Groomer Membership

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Video Library

Our growing library of video tutorials is exactly what every groomer needs.

Our topics range from breed-specific pet and stow trims, tool chats, first aid instruction, interviews, business-specific topics, and self-care.


Podcast Series

Get early access to our podcasts before they are made generally available.

Our popular podcasts cover a wide range of topics.   Business, industry chats, news, interviews, and self-care. 

Groomer Nation Community

Groomer Nation memberships come with access to our online community of professional groomers.  Our community shares, cares, advises and celebrates all thing grooming and groomer lifestyle.

Live streaming events keep content fresh, current and interactive giving you access to information and people previously hard to get.

Ultimate Pooch Parent Training Series

for Pet Owners


Our pooch parent program is for.. you guessed it.  Pooch Parents!!

Ultimate Pooch Parent is a series of 10 short videos aimed to give pooch parents all the information they need to care for their furry friends in between professional grooms.

Bathing, Drying, Cleaning Ears, Cleaning Eyes, Cleaning Teeth, Clipping Nails, First Aid, Brushing and Combing, What to expect at your Groomer and Matting.

Groomers! the Ultimate Pooch Parent series is perfect for your clients.  Time is precious and this series will give your clients everything they need to keep their fur friends in tip-top shape until their next scheduled groom. 


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Our Ultimate Pooch Parent program is the perfect product to market to your customers so they have the skills on board to fully care for their pooches in between professional grooming visits.

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