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Iv San Bernard Australia

Iv San Bernard Australia

Iv San Bernard, founded in 1995, is the leading European manufacturer of animal care products and the Ozone Spa Machine from Italy. Iv San Bernard produces an array of products designed for various coat types and proper skin management.


Groomer Nation is the Australian distributor and educator for Iv San Bernard Products in Australia, providing guidelines for mindful grooming, therapies with a  holistic approach and technical support.

Apply for an Iv San Bernard Australia Business Account

If you would like to use, recommend and sell Iv San Bernard products as part of your grooming business, please visit and sign up at our Iv San Bernard website for Wholesale account access.

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Need a Iv San Bernard Product Consultation?

We teach the knowledge of Skin & Coat, enabling our customers to understand how and why our products work. Our professional expertise allows us to provide solutions to all skin and coat issues and we encourage our customers to take their knowledge to another level and become an expert too.


The future of grooming is a place where we all work together to improve the health of animals.

Groomer Nations Iv San Bernard expert: Qualified Veterinary Nurse, International Certified Canine & Feline Master Groomer, Certified Canine Esthetician & Master Pet Aesthetician. Available for technical support

Consultations are priced at $50, paid in advance.  Once the consultation has occurred, you will be issued with a $50 voucher to use in the Groomer Nation online store redeemable on ISB products.

Customer Success Stories


Listen to the Groomer Nation podcast on this amazing success story using Iv San Bernard products combined with a knowledgeable therapeutic groomer.

Therapeutic Pet Groomer : Level 1

As a Certified Therapeutic Groomer in canine skin & coat, a groom becomes so much more than a haircut and a basic bath. Science-based Skin and Coat Care should always be front of mind. Canine hygiene is canine health and we see cycles of symptomatic pets continuously, skin & coat therapy is the future of Grooming

Enrol now in this exciting new course.

Groomer Nation CLASSROOM

Iv San Bernard Instructions and Recipes

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