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Groomer.DK RAINBOW Edition – Stripping knives

Groomer.DK RAINBOW Edition – Stripping knives


Elevate Your Grooming Experience with the "Rainbow Edition Stripping Knife Set" 

Unleash the potential of your grooming skills with our much-sought-after "Rainbow Edition Stripping Knife Set".

Now included in the set is the Double Coarse teeth knife, which is ideal for blending, flat work, legs, and rolling. Especially on breeds with long or thick undercoat, mixed coat or heavy coat.

 Our innovative slant teeth design is tailored for precision, tackling softer or mixed coats with a significant undercoat. Ideal for blending, it masterfully strips down to the undercoat, ensuring a flawless finish.

- Experience versatility with the Single Coarse knife, doubling as an outstanding roller.
- The newly introduced Double Coarse knife excels in flat work and rolling, handling over three layers effortlessly.
- The Fine works great both for stripping and removing undercoat, for detailed work and universal work.
- The Medium knife's universal design is perfect for both pulling and carding.

Slant teeth are more efficient but sharper compared to the straight teeth in our classic range. They're designed with a bit of extra sharpness to effectively manage mixed coats. However, they should be used cautiously on very harsh, crispy coats. While we pre-dull these teeth to reduce sharpness, their edges remain adequately sharp to handle softer coat parts efficiently.

We recommend for coats that are exceptionally harsh and crisp with minimal undercoat, our Classic Edition is your go-to choice, crafted to care without breaking the coat.


*Rainbow Knives excel in grooming softer and mixed coats with substantial undercoat. Their slant teeth design penetrates deeper for more effective grabbing, making them a favorite choice for breeders, exhibitors, and owners of breeds like Scottish Terriers, Spaniels, Dandie Dinmonts, and Afghans. The double coarse variety is particularly adept for flat work, ensuring a smooth and efficient grooming experience."

Choose our original Rainbow Edition Stripping Knife Set, a fusion of practicality, quality, and efficiency. Save time and effort while delivering professional grooming results. Don't settle for less – invest in the best!

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