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Groomer .DK - CLASSIC Edition Stripping Knifes

Groomer .DK - CLASSIC Edition Stripping Knifes


GroomerDK Danish Stripping knifes


HAND DULLED, we take maximal care about dulling our tools, so they are perfectly safe even for total beginners. Many years of experiences made us to understand, where should every tooth be sharp and where exactly it has to be dulled. Therefore GROOMER.DK stripping knives are unique on the market due to perfectly fitting teeth to grab the hair, but not cut the hair.

Please be aware of fake copies, there are several similar shaped knives offered together with another copies of other brands. Don't buy no name products. These tools are going to serve you for many years, buy brand, buy quality!

GroomerDK Danish HAND crafted knives were developed as a unique tool for all groomers demanding quality, comfort and function in one.

Our knives are the result of collected experiences after more than 20 years of work with hand stripped breeds and connection with top designer's work. Thank s to that we are today able to offer you knife, with no competition on the market in:

- comfort - natural wood material, anatomical handle and good space for thumb. Developed exactly for long and comfortable work.

- function - our 5 knives can cover all you need Stripping (without cutting one single hair), carding, rolling and preparation up to the finest detail.

- quality - we use only top quality steel, each knife is handcrafted and checked in function before leaving.

- satisfaction - we have 100% satisfied customers and that's something to say!

Our products are highly appreciated by best breeders, handlers and groomers worldwide.

We are very proud of our knives and happy we can share them with the world.



Purchase 'Fivepack' and recieve 10% off (includes Fine, Medium, Coarse, Superfine and Super fine long CLASSIC stripping knifes) Includes GST

  • Classic FINE Stripping Knife

    If you want just one knife of all, take Classic fine and you will use it over and over again. You can do everything with this knife, it does carding to the last hair, if's so effective by stripping down so you will be like - WOW, if you go carefully with light hand, it's ok roller...

    Pretty smart tool for everyone - exclusive underocat remover as well as great for hand stripping. It can do actually all work - remove undercoat, full strip and be used for rolling. If you are considering to buy only one knife for all, go for Fine. It's our best seller, most popular knife.

    Fine knife has very tenderly sharpened teeth, partly dulled afterwards. We exactly know, where it's the point! Our very unique technique of dulling prevents cutting hair and knives are perfectly suitable even for total beginners. It only takes whole hair inclusive roots. 

  • Classic MEDIUM Stripping Knife

    GroomerDK Danish knife - MEDIUM

    The medium knife is genial for dogs with very harsh coat, ev. big breeds like a giant schnauzer, standard schnauzer or some terriers with very compact coat. The function is very alike to FINE, but the distance between teeth is made to fit thicker hair. You can as well use it for a rolling coat, especially on thinner hair.

  • Classic COARSE Stripping Knife

    We knew, that we will need a tool for a rolling coat - knife which will take all on surface, but not too deep, so the new coat will be able to develope all the time and can be kept in show condition over the whole show season. We needed teeth tender enough to part the layers in rolling coat. 

    We also needed a blender and a good leg stripper for airedales and other terriers. 

    Such a coat demands tool, which can take only some of the coat with light hand. Well, our knife can actually do all, even we didn't expect so many functions from it. Anyway in praxis it can strip for a rolling coat, it can also take all if you will use the deep teeth and to our surprise, it's also a good for carding, even it wasn't the first plan of this tool. You will be impressed once you tried this clever tool.

    However the coarse, also called skipper at home :) is a little sharper than our other knives. It has to be, because we need a quick grab, so check the technique on our videos bellow - better work slowly with it and carefully, until you get the technique. We dull sudden part of the blade, but we need to make the edge sharp enough to part layers. You will love this tool, terrier groomers are impressed and it is one of our top selling knives! 


  • Classic SUPER FINE Stripping Knife

    GroomerDK Danish knife - SUPER FINE

    Small, but clever - If you just want PERFECTION - there is no professional breeder and groomer, who can miss this little smart tool. It can make details to perfection, remove the finest undercoat. The finest teeth you can find on the market, carefully handcrafted and tested. 

    As one terrier breeder wrote to us - ''I love all your knives - but the small one, it's a God's gift :)''

    SUPER FINE knife is suitable for detail work and flat work especially on foxterriers, schnauzers, affies, griffons, westies, cairns, scotties, all smaller breeds, where detail is needed. But don't make mistake - airedale's face can be done to absolut perfection with this knife, or Irish, Lakeland ... just name it. Jack russel's breeders love this little tool to pieces. It's perfectly balanced, ergonomic and of course prevented to cut. It's simply a must for everyone. who loves perfection.


  • Classic SUPER FINE long version

    If you just want PERFECTION - there is no professional breeder and groomer, who can miss this little smart tool. It can make details to perfection, remove the finest undercoat. The finest teeth you can find on the market, carefully handcrafted and tested. 

    long sized SUPER FINE knife is suitable for cockers, wolfhounds, dogs with softer undercoat or types like podengos, spaniels etc who have more silky or longer coat, where tender grab is needed. It will also work eminent on carding bigger areas.

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