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Unveiling Expert Bathing Insights: Enhance Your Dog Grooming Business with Science-backed Techniques

Bathing stands as the cornerstone of exceptional grooming. As the one responsible for this pivotal task, bathers hold the key to establishing the grooming bedrock, shaping the dog's initial perception of the grooming process, and safeguarding against potential health concerns. When executed with the correct techniques and knowledge, proper bathing elevates the entire grooming experience, adding substantial value.

Read on for the blend of science and techniques that lies behind every expertly executed bath, revealing its pivotal role in elevating the grooming process and crafting a beautiful finish for every beloved furry client & companion.

**Why Bathing Matters More Than You Think**

Picture this: a well-groomed dog with a flawless clip or scissor cut. The coat shines, the lines are crisp, and the symmetry is perfection. What many might not realise is that behind this stunning appearance lies the science and magic of proper bathing. Bathing isn't merely about cleanliness; it's about creating the ideal canvas for the grooming artistry to come alive.

Dr. Cliff Faver, a 1987 graduate of Colorado State University, was the founder/owner and chief veterinarian of Animal Health Services and the US distributor for Iv San Bernard Italian pet grooming products. Dr Cliff founded a dermatological wellness and grooming center for pets and with the assistance from his grooming department, a marriage of veterinary medicine and natural skin therapies using Iv San Bernard products, has healed numerous pets with skin disorders as well as helping able-bodied pets maintain the health and beauty of their skin and coats. He explains the importance of groomers. “In fact, groomers may be the first line of defense for the pet’s health by recognizing and communicating when a pet needs medical attention”

Dr Cliff explains “Skin is the largest organ of the body and is a barrier. This barrier protects the body by keeping bad things out while keeping the good things in. While the hair and skin protect the animal, the sebum layer protects the skin and hair. The sebum layer is made up of fatty acids and oils that coat and protect the skin and hair. It is produced by the sebaceous gland associated with the hair follicle itself. As the hair moves, it moves the sebum up the hair shaft and over the skin. The sebum is not only water resistant but it is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal barrier. As a groomer, it is important to understand how you can maintain and enhance this protection. Using the proper grooming products and techniques to provide and keep a healthy sebum layer will, in itself, prevent dry itchy skin and hair issues"

**The Science of Shampoo & Conditioning: Why it's Essential for Dogs**

While bathing might seem straight forward Dr Cliff explains: “Hair has “plaques” which are like petals on a flower. When the hair is hydrated and covered with sebum, the plaques lay flat and smooth. If the sebum is removed by harsh shampoos or not replaced by a conditioner after shampooing, these plaques open up like a Christmas tree. When that happens, the hair tends to matt, dulls in color, dehydrates, and no longer protects skin properly. Conditioners should always be used after shampooing our pets to replace the oils, or sebum, that we removed during bathing. But not all conditioners are the same. Conditioners are made up of emollients or humectants or a combination of both. Emollients are made to coat the hair and skin and hold moisture in, so they actually repel water. Humectants are designed to draw moisture into the skin and hydrate. Different hair types require different mixtures of these”.

While bathing might seem straightforward, the use of conditioner isn't just an extra step—it's an important component. This is where conditioner swoops in as a superhero! It's not just about aesthetics; it's about maintaining the coat's integrity, promoting healthy skin, and preventing breakage.

**The Dance of Bathing and Drying**

Now that we've established the importance of bathing, let's pair it with the art of drying. Just as each brush stroke contributes to a painting, each drying technique contributes to the finished grooming masterpiece. Bathing and drying are a dynamic duo that can transform a pet's appearance.

After a thorough bath, proper drying techniques come into play. Towel or chamois drying is the first step, followed by the use of high-velocity dryers or stand dryers, depending on the coat type. The aim is not only to dry the coat but also to stretch and shape it during the process.

Dr Cliff explains “Be mindful when blowing high velocity dryers so close to the skin in all coat types, but especially in short and medium coats. Take note of the coat type that you are working with and adjust the technique accordingly. The variations of nozzles out there make it very simple to do the right thing for specific coats with a much healthier and safer outcome”

At Groomer Nation we believe mastering correct drying techniques is a vital stride in the journey toward grooming excellence, and it holds special significance for various coat types. For double-coated breeds, efficient drying isn't just about removing moisture—it's about lifting and blowing out the dense undercoat. A well-executed high-velocity dry penetrates deep, allowing the undercoat to release and creating the ability for the skin to breath and fresh coat to grow. On the other hand, for your curly coated breeds like Poodles requires a different approach. Utilising a warm stand dryer while employing strategic line brushing techniques is key to stretching out the coat, resulting in the ideal canvas for precision scissor work.

**The Uplifting Finish: The Heart of Every Grooming Business**

In the bustling world of grooming businesses, bathers hold a pivotal role. They are the ones who lay the foundation for the artwork that follows. The attention and care they put into each bath ensure that the subsequent grooming steps unfold seamlessly.

Bathing isn't just about water and soap; it's also about creating a connection with the pet, understanding their needs, and providing a soothing and enjoyable experience. A well-bathed and pampered dog not only looks good but also feels good. This positive energy ripples through the grooming process, contributing to a harmonious environment that both pets and groomers thrive in.

**Unlocking the Path to Grooming Perfection with Groomer Nation**

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