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Tutorials for at home pet maintenance and health 


Love your pet looking salon fresh?


Join us at Groomer Nation to learn how to maintain your pet in between professional grooms.  All from the convenience of your own home.

Brushing, combing, looking after nails, washing, blowdrying, eye and ear care, teeth cleaning and so much more! 

These, and many more tutorials are available to you for lifetime access in our Ultimate Pooch Parent and Ultimate Pooch Parent Plus plans.

Ultimate Pooch Parent options

  • Pooch Parent

    Ultimate Pooch Parent Life Membership
    • Access all UPP videos
    • Lifetime Access
ADD on to your Ultimate Pooch Parent plan
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The Ultimate Pooch parent Home grooming kit contains:

  • Iv San Bernrad Shampoo 500ml

  • Iv San Bernard Conditioner 500ml

  • Iv San Bernard H270 Conditioning spray 100ml

  • Grooming Comb

  • Groomer Dk Slicker brush 

  • Ultimate Pooch Parent absorbable bathing towel

  • Nail clippers

  • All Natural Bully Stick (post grooming treat

  • $99!!! Save $ Valued at $170

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