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Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll


 Product Details: ROCK'N'ROLL Grooming Tool


Introducing Groomer Dk's latest innovation, the "ROCK'N'ROLL" – a true revolution in grooming for rolled coats!

The unique design ensures selection of layers. The blade's distance keeps your thumb  from going deep which helps in preventing holes in the coat. The ROCK'N'ROLL  selects layers, targeting only the top hairs.


Ideal for those new to grooming, ROCK'N'ROLL features a non-sharp design. Even with a turn of the wrist, beginners won't cut hair, making the grooming process smooth and stress-free.


**Perfect for Detail Work**
The rounded end of ROCK'N'ROLL makes it perfect for detailed areas. Grooming ears, throats, tails, and the spaces between the eyes has never been easier.


**Perfect for Carding for Crispy Wire Coats**
ROCK'N'ROLL is designed with safety in mind. Its non-sharp blade ensures that it won't cut or break hair, providing a safe carding experience for crispy wire coats.


**Precision Engineering**
Crafted with precision, the teeth of the ROCK'N'ROLL are perfectly aligned and ready to deliver exceptional grooming results.


Versatile and reliable, ROCK'N'ROLL is the latest grooming tool from Groomer DK!

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