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Groomer .DK - RETRO Edition Stripping Knife

Groomer .DK - RETRO Edition Stripping Knife


Introducing the RETRO EDITION Stripping Knives, crafted by dog enthusiast and developer of Groomer Dk  Katerina Cechova. Inspired by a love for the Miniature Schnauzer and a desire to replicate the precise function of her cherished homemade knife, these knives are a blend of efficient functionality and nostalgic aesthetics.

Available in FINE, COARSE, and EXTRA COARSE, these striping knives cater to all grooming needs, removing undercoat with precision. The knives are hand-dulled for safety and efficiency.

The knives feature exquisite coloured wooden handles for a comfortable grip, conforming to your hand for a smooth grooming experience.

Experience the pleasure of grooming with these knives and you'll understand why they're a tool you'll never want to give up.

- FINE: Perfect for grooming the head, neck, and general trimming, ideal for breeds like the Miniature Schnauzer.
- COARSE: Suitable for larger breeds with thick, hard, and abundant hair, effective on curly-haired breeds.
- EXTRA COARSE: Designed for robust, unruly hair types, efficiently taming even the thickest coats.

Once you've tried the RETRO EDITION Stripping Knives, you'll never settle for anything less.


Purchase 'Threepack' and recieve 10% off (Includes Fine, Coarse and Extra Coarse Retro edition stripping knifes)

Do you have a current Grooming business? If so, apply for an wholesale business account. Please contact us at to apply, an ABN will need to be provided.

  • RETRO EDITION stripping knife - COARSE

    When I started grooming my very first miniature schnauzer in 1989, I had an old home made knife, I actually adored and lost somewhere. It looked like several I met on the way, but it never had the same function. I wanted my old knife back and now on the journey developing striping knives, I decided to get back the very old one - in wood handle, comfortable and functional.

    As back in late 80ties, the knife is kinda Retro and therefor it carries a name: RETRO EDITION.

    We developed FINE and COARSE and they work miracles! They remove undercoat to the last hair, hand predulled to avoid any cutting, they have great grip on the coat while pulling and they fit in hand so easily. Working with them is a real pleasure and you will never stop using them.

    The FINE knife goes to details both in removing undrecoat or stripping completely down. The COARSE works terrific as roller, I enjoyed it on westies, cairns, airedales and all with a lot of coat to work with. The fine is great for Miniature Schnauzers, Cockers, afghans etc, where precision is needed. But you will use them both more or less.

    For now they are only available for RIGHT hand, but we are working for cutters on left hand during 2020.

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