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Groomer .DK - Danish TWIN KING 2in1

Groomer .DK - Danish TWIN KING 2in1


To make a tool which will be able to remove all dead coat and undercoat without cutting one single hair was really difficult!

We knew, that most of the king coats on market can totally destroy cover coat, therefor it was important to make one, which is simply not cutting. 

We made it! We made it so well, that top breeders all over world are recomanding our 2in1 to their puppybuyers and buying them in big amounts. Our tool is unique, thanks to special unsharping method, nobody can copy our tool, the procedure is our secret.

This tool became so popular, that our factory is not able to make them quick enough (regarding to special unsharping process).

Since you once tried this clever tool, you will never put it far away from your grooming table :)

Do you have a current Grooming business? If so, apply for an wholesale business account. Please contact us at to apply, an ABN will need to be provided.

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