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Groomer .DK - 3D Volumizer with boar bristle 2in1

Groomer .DK - 3D Volumizer with boar bristle 2in1


Suitable for combination of wire coat and extreme volume, 2cm long pins go through the coat to the skin and create fantastic volume as well go through thick coats, where shorter pins can not manage. Volumizing effect to die for! 

BOAR BRISTLE on one side - fantastic tool for wire coats, boar bristle is massaging the skin, what starts lanolin production. THerefor using this bristle daily brings great shine into coat and better healthier hair.

Soft and very effective brush, made in light bamboo wood. Eco - as bamboo is actually not wood, but grass, that's why we prefer this material.

The brushing part is made with a soft rubber pad and air pillow, not pulling hair and achieving extreme volumizing result. You will be impressed with this small clever tool. Pins are very tender and fine, the results of brushing are eminent.

Suitable for all breeds where both shine and matt free coat is needed. A must for shcnauzers, terriers etc.

Do you have a current Grooming business? If so, apply for an wholesale business account. Please contact us at to apply, an ABN will need to be provided.

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