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Groomer .DK - ERGO Edition Stripping knifes

Groomer .DK - ERGO Edition Stripping knifes

$68.95 Regular Price
$48.27Sale Price

Product Details (incl GST)

Introducing the ERGO Edition, a new generation of stripping knives that's redefining hand stripping tools!

Extremely lightweight and ergonomic, these knives fit perfectly in your hand.

The teeth are slightly curved with minimal sharpness, making them ideal for delicate flat work and exceptional undercoat removal.


These knives have everything you've ever wanted - comfort, function and lightweight!


The ERGO SET includes SUPER FINE, FINE, and DOUBLE COARSE varieties to suit your grooming needs.


Each knife is handmade and hand dulled, guaranteeing safety and precision in every use. Currently available for right hand grooming.




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