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​Antibacterial chalk ball with chlorhexidine 100g

​Antibacterial chalk ball with chlorhexidine 100g


Product Details:


- soothes, dries and protects the skin from harmful bacteria

- ideal for hand stripping - helps reduce inflammation or bacterial infection in the skin after stripping, prevents slipping hair and makes hand stripping easier

- helps against fungal infections in paws - easy to put on paws (especially in moisture weather)

- great for dog shows against slippery floors and at the same time prevents the spread of viruses or bacteria through paws


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DO NOT USE INSIDE EARS CANAL - chlorhexidine can be ototoxic (toxic to the inner ear) - in special cases - by a ruptured eardrum. So we do not recommend to use inside ear canal for plucking hair from ears.

- 99% natural chalk, 1% chlorhexidine

Antifungal Powder - treats fungal or yeast infections in the skin. Antiseptic powder

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic and disinfectant. It helps reduce the number of germs (bacteria) on your skin. Chlorhexidine is active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms, facultative anaerobes, aerobes, and yeasts. It is particularly effective against Gram-positive bacteria, several viruses including Herpes Virus.

You can read more about chlorhexidine here:

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