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Iv San Bernard: SIL PLUS lotion 100ml

Iv San Bernard: SIL PLUS lotion 100ml


Sil Plus is a PH balancer and skin protector. Helps to retain moisture. “Liquid glove” protection for groomers’ hands and arms. Add it to the shampoo to balance the pH of the wate (if your water is hard). Apply it to your hands and forearms to create an instant, long lasting shield against irritants. Great to protect bather’s arms (and for doing dishes!). It is also exceptionally helpful for dry dogs pads, elbows, and tips of ears by helping the skin to retain its own moisture. One squirt will suffice. “Sil Plus” is in fact made with Miristine from North American Sumac. This is the silicon part of the plant and provides a natural breathable moisture barrier. It helps keep the pH of your shampoo mixture neutral and can be used to “seal” in minerals and vitamins after a therapy. Another use is a protectant for your hands while you are bathing.Natural silicone.

Pump 1-2 drops into your hand and apply to affected areas to seal in supplements and hydration AFTER the pet is dry. Sil plus may be used on a wet or dry coat (or both) and is an excellent protectant against urine and other staining issues.

This bottle contains 930 drops.

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