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Iv San Bernard BLACK PASSION KIT with Derma Brush

Iv San Bernard BLACK PASSION KIT with Derma Brush



In celebrating its 20 years of business, Iv San Bernard offers its innovative flagship line in a format both appealing and practical by combining the 4 basic products with an elegant, ergonomic brush called the Dermobrush which is another new item already appreciated by many for its efficiency and respect on all coat types.

The kit contains::

  • 1 Shampoo 01 (50 ml): the shampoo contains argan oil, beta-carotene and marine collagen, which make it incredibly gentle. The foam is rich, but sustained. It will easily penetrate, clean and get rinsed.
  • 1 Mask 02 (50 ml): this mask contains argan oil and beta-carotene. It is creamy and easy to apply. The absorption is immediate. Designed to either use as a mask (before shampoo) or as a conditioner (after shampoo).
  • 1 Argan oil (30 ml): the precious oil is to be used directly on the skin, or to be mixed with either shampoo 01 or with the mask 02. It gives extra nourishment and strength thanks to the force of argan.
  • 1 Perfume Lupin (50 ml): delicate and exotic fragrance which helps prolongs the benefits carried out by the ARGAN treatments, without annoying the pet, being without alcohol. To spray whenever desired!
  • 1 Dermobrush limited edition
  • 1 Hair removal brush


How to use ISB Black Passion

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