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Artero Podium Dry (Red) The Ultimate Styling & Hairspray

Artero Podium Dry (Red) The Ultimate Styling & Hairspray


The PODIUM Is here!

Artero has created the ultimate finishing, hold & styling spray!

Flexibility & hold - a natural finish and BRUSHES OUT!

As a result of a thorough and comprehensive research study, and after numerous tests with different breeds Artero launches its Artero Podium Hairspray.

Two products of excellent quality and results with spectacular finishes! 

Formulated with a rigorous selection of the best raw materials, and as always, respect the environment.

The Artero Podium has elegant presentation in 500ml aluminium can.



ARTERO Podium Red Dry can be used for fixing or texturing any style. It allows free movement of the hair, and is imperceptible to the touch. It can also be used on all colors/tones of hair.


Reccomended -Artero Podium Strong is also great as a final touch over the Artero Dry - to give you amazing hold! Suitable for use on all coloured coats as no residue is left.

ARTERO Podium red is the perfect finish for all breeds, especially terriers and also for topknots.


Removed with a simple brushing there is No residue and allows free movement of the hair. This also makes it ideal for those show that last 2 - 3 days!

Podium is a perfect hairspray for in the grooming salon, as it can be removed by brushing or come out naturally on it's own. No need to worry about damage or matting after you send them home! 

We Also Recommend 
Speed - Need a little help building that shape before you set it? Try using our Speed Dry Shampoo! Spray directly into the coat you are working on, comb, and you have extra body and volume that will last long enough to set your shape. Finish with the Dry Hold Hairspray and send the perfect groomed dog on their way. Works incredibly well for Westies!

Imperceptible to the touch it can be used on all types of coats, whatever their colour.



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