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Deck the Paws: Groomer Nations Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Grooming Professionals and Their Clients

Stuck for ideas for gifts for your four-legged clients and their two-legged owners this holiday season? Groomer Nation has got you covered! From personalised treasures to festive accessories, here's a list of 32 heartwarming Christmas gift ideas that will leave tails wagging and clients smiling.

  1. Personalised Mugs: Start the day with a cup of cheer in a mug featuring your clients furry friend's adorable face. Take a photo straight after the grooming and upload it straight to places like Kmart, Vista Print, Officeworks, Dazzle, and Snapfish.

  2. Personalised Baubles: Deck the halls with custom ornaments showcasing a beloved pet's name or picture. Write your clients pets name with a gel pen or pop a picture in. Dont forget the glitter ! Check out Temu, Lincraft, or eBay.

  3. Personalised Bandanas: Let pets strut their stuff in style with personalised bandanas for that extra flair. Add the pets name for a special touch with iron on letters. Try amazon for bulk letters.

  4. Coolers: Keep things cool for your customer with a customised cooler for pet owners on the go. Check out places like Vista Print.

  5. Pet Water Bottles: Hydration is key, so gift a pet-friendly water bottle for those long walks.

  6. Pet-Themed Decorations: Make the tree sparkle with decorations that celebrate the furry members of the family. Choose cute breeds that can be hung from the tree.

  7. Pet-Themed Bandanas: Let pets join in the holiday spirit with festive bandanas adorned with Christmas cheer. Buy ready made or make your own, buy a pair of pinking shears and fabric and cut your own. My favourite is Spotlight for all my my material.

  8. Scratchies from the News Agency: A classic gift that's always a hit—scratchies for a bit of holiday luck. Look for pet-themed scratchies; one year news agencies had $1 Dog Christmas Scratchies, my clients loved them!

  9. Photo Booth Setup: Create lasting memories by setting up a Christmas themed photo booth in the waiting area or work space for clients and their pets.

  10. Personalised Key Rings: Keep clients keys in order with key rings featuring a personalised touch. Take a photo of your clients dog and on the other side you can put your business name and logo. Check out Big W for their photo Keyring’s!

  11. Specially Baked Dog Cookies or Treats: Treat furry clients to homemade delights that will have them begging for more. With plenty of Baked Dog Treat companies in Australia, try buying a few boxes of different themed Christmas treats and make up your own special dog treat bags for Christmas.

  12. Christmas Bandanas: Get pets into the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed bandanas with Santa or Reindeer’s if you can’t find dog-themed Christmas material.

  13. Christmas Bowties and Bows: Deck out pets in festive attire with holiday-themed bowties and bows. Check out Pink Paws range, or you can even make your own with ribbon, scissors and colourful grooming rubber bands

  14. Christmas Dog Treat with Mini Spray Bottle of Perfume: A delightful combo—treats for the taste buds and a touch of fragrance for pampered pets. Buy small travel spray bottles from Kmart or a cheap shop and fill with your favourite perfume for your furry clients.

  15. Paw Print Christmas Card: Before the bath, create a special Christmas card by stamping a pet's paw print in pet-friendly ink. Or find blank wooden flat christmas ornaments and pop a paw print on it. This was a big hit with my clients one year! Check out Spotlight for ornament ideas.

  16. Fuji Insta Max Mini with Christmas Photo Booth: Capture precious moments with a Fuji Insta Max Mini and set up a Christmas photo booth for fun and memorable snapshots. Print out straight away and use a hole punch in the corner of the photo and put Christmas ribbon through it, the perfect unique tree decoration for your clients.

  17. Clear Christmas Bauble with Dog Hair: Order clear Christmas baubles, fill them with that pet's hair, and add a touch of glitter to personalise the decoration.

  18. Christmas-themed Collars or Harness: Spruce up pets' holiday attire with collars featuring festive patterns. Kmart often has christmas themed collars and harnesses at a reasonable price.

  19. DIY Paw Print Ornament Kit: Provide clients with a DIY kit to create ornaments featuring their pet's paw prints. Make your own kit to give to them to make it a special interactive gift for your client and pet.

  20. Grooming Gift Vouchers: Offer the gift of pampering with grooming gift vouchers for future appointments or for products you sell in your business.

  21. Customised Pet Tags: Ensure pets look stylish and stay safe with personalised tags featuring their name and contact information you can also ad your business name.

  22. Holiday-Themed Pet Toys: Entertain pets with festive toys that bring joy to playtime.Have a special gift basket filled with toys in your reception area and let the dog pick one ! Buy bulk boxes from Kmart and divide them up, this is cheaper than buying individual toys.

  23. Interactive Pet Puzzles: Challenge pets' minds with interactive puzzles designed for their enjoyment.

  24. Personalised Leashes: Add a touch of sophistication to walks with leashes featuring the pet's name or a special message and your business name.

  25. DIY Paw Print Craft Kits: Provide clients with kits to create adorable paw print crafts for Christmas cards or gifts.

  26. Pet-Safe Snow Globe: Capture the magic of the season with a pet-safe snow globe featuring their pet! Check out Big W and Office works.This can be as cheap as $9.95 for your VIP clients.

  27. Grooming Brushes and Comb: Enhance pets' well-being with a brush or a comb this also promote healthy coats over the Christmas break.

  28. Customised Pet Calendars: This is a very popular gift with my clients. Keep clients organised with calendars featuring adorable pictures of their pets, your business name and for those clients that like to book ahead be sure to add all their bookings for next year! Easy to make online try Canva, Snapfish, or Vista

  29. Pet Stationery: Elevate the art of communication with pet stationery featuring pet-themed designs.

  30. Pet-Friendly Interactive Feeders: Turn mealtime into playtime with interactive feeders designed to stimulate pets mentally.

  31. Shampoo and Conditioner Set: Create a spa experience at home over the Christmas break, buy small bottles and add your favourite shampoo and conditioner, this is a great way to sell these products full size in the future.

  32. Pet-Safe Paw and Nose Balm: This one is a game changer! Protect pets' paws from hot weather and help dry noses with soothing and moisturising nose and paw balm. Iv San Bernard Australia Hydration & Wonder Butter, this butter is even perfect for us humans ! Buy the ingredients at Groomer Nation or Iv San Bernard Australia Make up a big batch and buy small containers from Kmart or a dollar shop and spread it between the containers this one will be a HUGE hit !

This curated list ensures a variety of thoughtful and delightful Christmas gift ideas for both furry clients and their human companions. Dont forget to sign up to our newsletter so you never miss our exciting announcements, blogs and podcasts and if you want to up-skill your grooming to the next level be sure to sign up to our incredible memberships and courses on offer at Groomer Nation


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